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Why It’s Important To Time Your Workouts

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The amount of time you should exercise can differ depending on the exercise. You should always time your workouts because there is such a thing as a sweet spot, and you want to hit that perfect amount of time each time you workout. 

Long Hours And “Living At The Gym” Every Day May Actually Set You Back

Too much of a good thing can very much be true of exercise. If you do  a really tough workout, especially when you are working to build muscle, your body needs down time to rest and rebuild. What most people don’t realize is that a tough workout can actually burn off some stress, but can also cause other stresses. This can cause the immune system to be down for as long as 72 hours. Strength training causes micro tears in your muscles, and when those tears are healed, it makes your muscles stronger. If you don’t give your body a day or two of rest between sessions, it can’t repair itself.

If You’re Not Working Out Hard Enough, You Won’t Break A Sweat

A lot of people use a heart monitor to see how fast their heart is beating, but you can perform a test yourself. If you can easily talk or sing, you are not pushing yourself  enough. You should also have muscle soreness the next day, but not in excruciating pain. You want to push yourself to improve, but pushing yourself too far will prevent you from seeing any improvement, and workouts will become harder. Make sure to take a day or two break from the gym, or you will hit a wall quicker. Your body needs that workout recovery.

Overworking Can Cause Symptoms In Your Daily Life

Not only will you start hating your workouts if you are overdoing it, but you will start to develop a bad outlook on other things in life. Even more, your immune system will be down and you can get fatigued more quickly doing everyday things, and ill more frequently. 

So Remember…

Your workout time should be based by the intensity of the workout. The more intense the workout, the shorter the time you should do it. 

When you’re considering how long to workout, only count the time you are actively working out. 

If you have a heart rate monitor, use it to keep track of your resting rate. If your resting rate increases very suddenly then your body is under stress and you need to cut back on the workout. 

Working out too much can actually lead to losing muscle mass and increasing fat tissue, so never overwork your body and always get rest between sessions.

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