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Mistake 1: Not Setting Your Goal Up Properly 
This goes beyond basic goal setting which is what most people do. Goal setting is key, however, so let’s review how to properly set up your goals using the SMART model and then go deeper.

The SMART model is: 
SPECIFIC: Be sure that your goal is clearly defined 
MEASURABLE: How will you measure your goal? Examples could be progress pictures, performance goals with whatever performance metric you want to improve on, and quality of life goals with a daily journal. 
ACHIEVABLE: Is the goal achievable & realistic? 
RELEVANT: How important is achieving the goal? 
TIME BOUND: When is the deadline to accomplish the goal? 

Here is where the first mistake occurs. We set up SMART goals and then move on. Setting up the goal is only the first part of the process. You must go deeper and find your why. Why is this goal important to you? Dig into the depths of your soul and really think about why you truly want to accomplish this. 

Mistake 2: Starting A Diet Instead of a Lifestyle 
People establish their goals and set up a diet plan of eating the same flavorless foods of chicken, broccoli, and brown rice with a protein shake in between. Even for those with very strong willpower and who have set up themselves for success, this is not sustainable, realistic, or required. The statistics are staggering on weight loss; over 88% of people who use these types of “diets” gain the weight back plus additional body fat. Finding a sustainable plan that fits your lifestyle is critical to your success. 

A few things to consider are: 
1. Does your approach allow for flexibility in your meal timing? For example, if you are very busy and work 12-hour shifts then an approach that makes you eat every 3 hours may not fit your lifestyle 
2. Does the plan prohibit foods that you love, labeling them as “bad”? 
3. Do you like a lot of variety and flavor or cook with a lot of spices and the plan you’re considering looks bland? 
4. Does the plan prohibit certain food groups that you enjoy? If so, are you willing to give up the foods or the entire food group for life? 

Mistake 3: Lack of Accountability 
Accountability & coaching are huge in seeing success, especially when the goal is very personal and important to us. Many times, when the first 2 phases are set up we need a plan that is periodically adjusted by someone with an objective mindset who’s not as emotionally invested as we are. Often people believe that they can go alone or do not need accountability and end up second guessing every decision along the way which really throws them off course on their journey. You can get accountability in a variety of ways:
 • Establish a buddy system with a friend or family member 
• Commit to daily or weekly check-ins on a public forum, message board, or social media outlet 
• Hire a coach to set up your plan, coach you along the way, and provide accountability

Fat loss is not linear, and a lot of explanation, encouragement, and support are required along the way to be successful. Being equipped to handle food, while nourishing our entirety and still staying goals driven is what it’s all about.

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