Zinc Caps


Life Extension


50 mg, 90 vegetarian capsules – Support the body’s immune defenses, absorbable


Research shows that zinc deficiency is widespread, especially in the elderly. Supplementing with zinc is an effective way to support aging immune systems. Since absorption can sometimes be problematic, we’ve developed a low-cost formulation that combines a bioavailable OptiZinc® with zinc citrate to provide a potent 50 milligram dose of zinc in each capsule.


For potent and affordable immune support, think zinc!

Zinc Caps Benefits

  • Provides immune system support
  • Supports neurological health
  • Helps maintain eye health

Beyond Immune Health Support

Zinc is well known for its immune health benefits, but it goes beyond that. For instance, zinc is an essential component of superoxide dismutase, one of your body’s most powerful natural antioxidant enzymes. It also supports neurological health and helps maintain vision in the elderly.


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