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Introducing Woke AF BLACK: A Hardcore Stimulant Blend for Extreme Energy and Cognitive Support

Woke AF BLACK is not for beginners. This stim-heavy dose has been formulated for those with only the strongest of tolerances. Stay WOKE through the most intense workouts, study sessions, or work shifts with three stimulants to energize and support cognitive function.*

This (un)holy trinity of stimulants delivers energy in a few powerful ways: 333mg of caffeine means you’ll be wide awake and feeling great. Then there’s Synephrine and Dendrobium: two potent stimulants that can boost mood, motivation, focus, and even metabolism when combined with exercise.*

Go Beyond the Workout with Humic and Fulvic Acid to Support Detoxification and Enhance Nutrient Absorption

Get all the energy you need to slay workouts without feeling over-stimmed. Because TRUE energy should enhance your training, not distract you.

Your pre-workout should deliver benefits beyond training performance enhancement.

This epic formula supercharges your workouts and supplies you with long-lasting benefits like detoxification* and nutrient absorption* to keep your system working at optimal levels, thanks to the groundbreaking mineral blend of Humic/Fulvic acid.

Benefits You Can Trust:

Promotes healthy detoxification.*

Encourages nutrient absorption.*

Energy so epic it might as well be transcendental.*

Euphoria-level mood.*

May boost metabolism when combined with exercise.*

Improved blood flow for potent PUMPS.*

Enhanced endurance and stamina.*

Surgical precision focus.*

Hydration and recovery.*



How To Use:

Take 1 serving 15-30 minutes before your workout for increased energy*, pump*, focus*, endurance*, and even hydration.*

Note: Woke AF BLACK will NOT break a fast or kick you out of ketosis.

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Woke AF Flavors

Aussie Fruit, Blood Razz, Blue Razz, Buck Berry, Cherry Candy, Gold, Grape Gainz, Miami, Rocket Pop, Sour Bucks, Sour Gummy, Sour Watermelon, White Gummy Deer


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