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  • Shredabull Sweat Stix 24 ct: The Ultimate Stim-Free Fat Burner

    Experience the power of Shredabull Sweat Stix, a mega-potent blend designed to ignite your metabolism, induce thermogenesis, and promote fat loss. This stim-free formula from Project AD, the makers of the popular Shredabull 2.0 increases mental clarity, focus, and uplifts mood for unstoppable workouts. Get ready to sweat profusely as you crush your fat loss goals with Shredabull Sweat Stix. Join the rave of positive reviews today and transform your physique similar to the popular Project AD Shredabull 2.0.

    * Extreme thermogenesis and sweating

    * Help lose body fat

    * Stimulant-free – perfect for those of you who are sensitive to stimulants

    * Boost mental clarity and daily mood to help you stay motivated

    * Increase fat oxidation and lipolysis



    How To Use:

    Mix ½ – 1 sachet of Shredabull Sweat Stix with 200ml of cold water and consume 15 minutes prior to workout. Alternatively, you can pour directly onto the tongue and swallow. First time users of Shredabull Sweat Stix should only use half a serving (1/2 sachet) 15 minutes before workout.


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