Resveratrol Elite™


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30 vegetarian capsules – Healthy aging, oxidative stress, absorbable formula


Trans-resveratrol—the form present in grapes and Japanese knotweed—is a great way to protect your cardiovascular, neurological, and metabolic systems from everyday aging. But very little of the resveratrol in a traditional resveratrol supplement is bioavailable. The fix: we’ve sheathed trans-resveratrol within a special hydrogel coating that makes it up to 10x more bioavailable, maximizing this healthy aging superstar’s potential health benefits.


Resveratrol promotes healthy aging by supporting cells in your body, including your heart and brain… with up to 10x more bioavailability.

Resveratrol Elite™ Benefits

  • Contains healthy aging nutrient trans-resveratrol
  • Provides up to 10x better bioavailability*
  • Protects against oxidative stress
  • Supports brain health

*Than unformulated resveratrol

Better resveratrol—no red wine required

You’ve probably heard about research that red wine is good for you. We now know that the grapes from which red wine is made contain resveratrol, a polyphenol that promotes a wide range of health and healthy aging mechanisms. Ordinary resveratrol has very low bioavailability. We’ve solved this problem by combining trans-resveratrol (from Japanese knotweed) with a hydrogel coating of galactomannan fibers from fenugreek seeds. Doing this protects resveratrol once you’ve ingested it. This technology increases the bioavailability up to a whopping 10x than unformulated resveratrol, meaning your body can use much more of this amazing healthy aging nutrient.


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