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Muscle Provider Vanilla and Chocolate

High-quality fast acting proteins whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein hydrolysate (WPH)

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Whey protein was supposed to be the protein of the future. But the average whey protein has not lived up to the hype. A subtle point that has been widely missed is that protein consumption does not always equate precisely with protein utilization. There is no reason to have a high protein intake unless you can digest and assimilate it.

But, Muscle Provider is not your average whey protein. Don’t settle for poor results caused by poor protein absorption. Here’s a Science Backed Blend of the best forms of Whey and Egg with an extremely high BV (Biological Value), PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio) and unmatched NPU (Net Protein Utilization), i.e. it promotes muscular growth, nitrogen retention and is 100% utilized!

10 Reasons why Muscle Provider works

where other whey proteins have failed

  1. MP maximizes protein absorption
  2. MP is lactose free, easy to digest, no discomfort
  3. MP’s Essential Amino Acid profile sets the standard for highest nitrogen retention
  4. MP’s mouthwatering taste never gets old – you can drink it all day and still want more
  5. MP’s high concentration of whey protein hydrolysates drives anabolism detonating muscle growth any time, day or night
  6. MP gives you the strongest nitrogen use with the minimum of calories – you can literally feed your muscle and starve your fat
  7. MP’s high BCAA content increases lean muscle mass and muscle synthesis while assisting in decreasing bodyfat
  8. MP contains egg white for superb absorption and a stronger amino acid profile
  9. MP’s absence of filler and thickening agents allows you to use as much protein as you need without gobbing up the blender.
  10. Muscle Provider’s 22 grams protein per serving allows precise flexibility in your protein intake so that you can always get the right amount for your personal needs.

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Muscle Provider Flavors

Chocolate, Vanilla


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