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We all know that whey protein is one of the most utilized protein sources on the market. With its convenient nature and wide variety of flavors that it can take on, it is a common and popular option for many people looking to put on muscle or just increase their overall protein intake. Unfortunately, with whey protein classically having a milky taste, it lends itself useful for taking on primarily sweet, dessert like flavors, like chocolates, vanillas, peanut butters, and other classic ice cream varieties. Recently there has been an uptick in innovation in the whey protein category with the introduction of clear whey protein isolate.

What is clear whey? Clear whey protein is still derived from whey, but what sets clear whey protein apart is its unique processing method that removes fats and carbohydrates, resulting in a clear and transparent liquid. This form of whey protein offers a convenient and refreshing alternative to traditional whey protein powders, which as mentioned above, often have a milky taste and appearance. Even with this more rigorous processing method, clear whey protein still retains all the high quality protein content of traditional whey, providing essential amino acids that support muscle recovery and growth. For individuals looking for a light and easily digestible protein source, but having a more juice like consistency and flavor profile, Clear Whey can be a great option. Core Nutritional’s® has finally entered the clear whey space with ISO CLEAR! Offering two amazing flavors with our partners at Fun Sweets Cotton Candy® you can now enjoy these sweet carnival flavors anytime, anywhere and reap the benefits of high quality and ultra-pure whey protein isolate!

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Core Iso Clear Flavors

Blue Raspberry, Cherry Berry


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