Inositol Caps


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1000 mg, 360 vegetarian capsules – Supports a stable mood


Inositol is a compound found in cell membranes. It encourages healthy cellular signaling, promotes healthy insulin response, and is involved in neurotransmitter modulation, which may promote mood and emotional health. Inositol also helps maintain already-healthy hormone levels.

Phospholipids in cellular membranes depend on inositol to carry out a number of biological processes.

Inositol Benefits

  • Involved in serotonin activity modulation
  • Helps stabilize mood
  • Encourages healthy insulin response & glucose metabolism

Plant Nutrient in Convenient Form

Inositol (also known as myo-inositol) is a biomolecule the body makes from glucose. It is also found in plant foods such as legumes, whole grains and vegetables. Inositol is thought to be one of the reasons these foods confer their health benefits. But because phytates are indigestible by human enzymes, getting inositol requires microbial digestion—or supplementation.


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