Ginseng Energy Boost


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30 vegetarian capsules – More energy, less stress.


Ginseng has been used to promote healthy energy levels for centuries. But to get the most out of its biologically active components, you need to use fermented ginseng extract—like we do in our Ginseng Energy Boost formula. With fermented ginseng, you get up to 15x more of ginseng’s active Compound K.


Get the energy boost you’re looking for with fermented ginseng, which delivers up to 15x more of ginseng’s active compound K.

Ginseng Energy Boost Benefits

  • Promotes healthy energy and well-being
  • Encourages a healthy response to stress
  • Absorbs better and faster than standard ginseng


Why did we add panax ginseng?

Ginseng is an adaptogenic herb that can promote healthy energy production and encourage your natural ability to manage stress.

Boost Your Energy and Your Mood

Ginseng Energy Boost’s fermented ginseng extract delivers a caffeine-free boost of energy while supporting a positive mood and healthy stress management. We use only authentic Panax ginseng that has been fermented because it encourages better absorption of ginseng’s active compound, known as Compound K – up to 15x more, in fact!


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