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Introducing Core BOLIC V2: Unleash Your Full Potential with Nature’s Power

In the pursuit of peak physical performance, rapid recovery, and overall well-being, we present to you Core BOLIC V2—an innovative fusion of heavily studied ingredients meticulously crafted to elevate your capabilities. At its core are three remarkable components: PeptiStrong™, Maral Root Extract, and Camellia sinensis Extract, (fortified by the bioenhancing prowess of BioPerine®. Together, these elements unlock a world of possibilities that extend beyond the ordinary.

    • PeptiStrong™, hailing from fava beans (Vicia faba), takes center stage as a game-changing ingredient. It harbors a treasure trove of bioactive peptides, potent natural compounds also found in collagen, insulin, and glutathione. Patented and extensively researched, these peptides have displayed remarkable effects muscle protein synthesis, recovery, and overall muscle hypertrophy.
    • Maral Root Extract, sourced from Rhaponticum carthamoides, is a revered natural ingredient renowned for its adaptogenic properties and myriad health benefits. Maral Root Extract is a game-changer for endurance, as it elevates adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, extending exercise durations and delaying fatigue. Its ability to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, enhance muscle recovery, and improve muscular strength empowers you to achieve more during your workouts.
    • Camellia sinensis Extract (Bean), standardized to an impressive 90% Epicatechin, adds another layer of excellence to Core BOLIC V2. Epicatechin shines in promoting muscle growth, strength, nitric oxide production, and overall heart and brain health. Furthermore, its nitric oxide-boosting capabilities translate to better blood flow, facilitating nutrient absorption and delivering an impressive pump during workouts.

BioPerine®, a patented extract from Piper nigrum (black pepper) enhances bioavailability as well as elevates the effectiveness of Core BOLIC V2’s ingredients by inhibiting intestinal motility and dilating blood vessels in the gut—where nutrient absorption thrives.

So, as you can see, Core BOLIC V2 not only increases exercise performance, but makes the underlying anabolic response (muscle growth and protein synthesis) to exercise more efficient – ensuring that your hard work is paying off!


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