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  • Bloodwork ONLY $100 ($50 Off)
  • On Site IV Options Available
  • Friday, November 25th at our Next Level Sports Nutrition Hurstbourne location.
  • Hours: 10am – 4pm

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Reserve Your IV

Select your IV drip option below and we'll have it ready for you on Friday, November 25th. *Payment Due at time of service


Visit Us Friday

Join Optimize U at Next Level Sports Nutrition Friday for bloodwork and/or IV Drip. 2115 S Hurstbourne Pkwy. 10am-4pm


Results On Site

Enjoy the benefits of your IV drip with immediate results delivered to you in the store.

IV Drip Options

Simply Saline $99

Promotes hydration by adding isotonic fluid to the bloodstream.

Simply Aminos $99

A blend of amino acids that can help improve recovery by transporting protein throughout the body.


A blend of B vitamins that help boost energy levels, and maintain essential bodily functions.

High C $99

A concentration of Vitamin C that can assist in Immune function, and is important for collagen production. It has also been shown to have a general antihistamine effect which can help with seasonal allergies.

Performance & Recovery $115

Our staple blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids that may help with improving performance, as well as improve recovery time.

Bloodwork $100 ($50 OFF)

We take a very comprehensive approach to looking at your labs. Our initial lab panel looks at over 15 different values.

we are Optimize U

We take a large look at your hormones and many other things to develop a plan that focuses on symptom treatment in conjunction with reviewing lab values.

Using Evidence Based Practice from many peer reviewed medical journals we offer the ability to optimize your life. As we age our hormones decrease, and with that decrease we notice a LOT of changes. More noticeable changes are related to energy levels, mental focus, mood swings, decreased performance, diminished drive in the work place, decreased sex drive, and generally decreasing levels of enjoyment of life.