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Less Sleep Reduces Our Ability To Maintain Positivity

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Studies find that getting enough sleep helps people maintain emotional equilibrium and enjoy the good things in life

Research shows that a range of health conditions are associated with a lack of sleep. A new study from the researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) investigate the psychological implications of missed sleep. Scientists found that after an insufficient night of sleep, people have a reduced capacity for remaining positive when faced with emotionally challenging events. They are also less able to enjoy positive experiences. This results in more stress filled days for people who do not get enough sleep. 

The lead author of this study, Nancy Sin of UBC, stated that “When people experience something positive, such as getting a hug or spending time in nature, they typically feel happier that day. But we found that when a person sleeps less than their usual amount, they don’t have as much of a boost in positive emotions from their positive events.” 

“The recommended guideline for a good night’s sleep is at least 7 hours, yet 1 in 3 adults don’t meet this standard.” says Sin

Sin says she hopes that studies such as hers will convince people to prioritize getting enough sleep as a way to stay healthy and have better days, and not so much stress.

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