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How to Eat Healthy on Vacation

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5 tips for eating healthy on vacation

Possibly the best part of vacation is experiencing the most delicious meals your destination has to offer. However, a solid week of gluttony can leave even the most ambitious sightseer feeling sluggish. Follow this tips for keeping eating habits in balance during your vacation

Vacation begins at the airport

Kick-start your trip by packing a healthy, filling meal or snack for the plane ride, because airplane food tends to not be very good for you.

Avoid the mini-bar

Skip the sugar-laden hotel snacks, and wander over to a local farmer’s market. With your room stocked with fresh, in-season fruit and favored treats, you’ll feel satiated and also lighter between outings.

Don’t skip breakfast

Start the day with a major breakfast, and don’t hold back on fruit. Most hotels offer great brunches, so take advantage of the spread! Skip the sweet pastries and bacon, and opt for a filling egg-white omelet, whole wheat toast, and berries. This is the most important meal of the day and you need it to fuel your body for a jam-packed day of sight-seeing.

Tailor your meals to your destination

Before your trip, do a little research and seek out the best dished in each area you plan to visit. Traveling is an experience, and you don’t want to miss out, but order your splurge at lunch, especially if you have an active afternoon ahead. A dinner, switch to a lighter meal of lean protein and veggies that won’t fill you up too much before bed.

Indulge strategically

You’re on vacation, go ahead and eat dessert! Just remember to savor it slowly and that portion size counts. Also, don’t forget about the hidden calories in alcohol. Try to avoid beverages that are made with juice and stick to simple cocktails.

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