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Easy Workouts You Can Do On Your Lunch Break

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The lunch break workout always sounds like a great idea in theory. You’ve got an hour right in the middle of the day, so why not try to squeeze in a quick workout? That way you don’t need to get up early to get one in before work, or worry about going after. Then you remember that there likely isn’t enough time to change into your workout clothes, complete a full workout, shower, and then get ready for work all over again. 

Don’t be discouraged! The answer to your lunch break workout dilemma is a quick routine that works your entire body in 10 minutes. There aren’t any high-intensity, sweat-inducing cardio moves included in the workout, in case you need to skip the shower. 

Find some space outdoors and get to work. These workouts don’t require any equipment so you can do them anywhere. 

Bodyweight Squats

2 minutes


2 minutes

Standing Oblique Crunches

2 minutes

Planks with T Rotation

1 minute each side

Wall Sits

2 minutes

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