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Difference Between Good And Bad Calories

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What exactly are good calories and bad calories? There are two parts to that question. It’s not just about good or bad, it’s about quantity and quality. Having good calories vs bad calories is just as important as how many calories you get.

In order to lose weight you need to eat fewer calories than you body burns. This forces your body to start burning fat. We call this a calorie deficit. Each person is going to have a different calorie goal but a good place to start is by counting your food for a few days.

There’s always been some controversy over counting calories. Some experts think it’s the only method that works, while others avoid it completely saying it’s not sustainable.

When you take a few days to count your calories, you might be shocked at how many calories you’re eating. Make sure you count everything. If you leave something out during this test period the only person you’ll hurt is yourself because you won’t know how many calories you’re actually eating.

When you’re eating the right amount of “good” calories for you, you can lose weight. If you’re eating the right amount of “bad” calories weight loss is going to be a lot more difficult.

And just because you’re eating “good” calories doesn’t mean you can eat however much you want. Those calories still count. Many people think they’re doing great and eating well, only to put on weight because they’re eating too much of these good foods.

Good calories aren’t necessarily made up of low-calorie foods. Many good calories come from high-calorie and even high-fat foods. The key is the ratio of calorie count to nutritional value.

Good calories are those that provide lean-protein, healthy-fats and complex carbs from fresh whole foods and quality meal replacements and supplements.

Bad calories are those that don’t provide your body with good nutrition. These come from things like processed foods, sugar, refined flours, unhealthy fats and artificial ingredients.

Examples of Good Calories


1. Red Meats

2. Chicken

3. Pork

4. Salmon

5. Beans

6. Eggs

7. Cheese

8. Milk


1. Potatoes
2. Brown Rice
3. Whole Grain Pasta
4. Whole Grain
5. Whole Grain Bread


1. Nuts

2. Nut Butters

3. Avocado

4. Olives

5. Butter

6. Salad Dressings

7. Mayonnaise

8. High-Fat Cheeses

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