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Best Cardio Workouts For Your Body

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Cardiovascular fitness is the ability to handle aerobically challenging situations of varying duration. The leading cause of death in the United States is heart disease, and improving cardiovascular fitness can reduce your risk of developing heart disease by increasing the efficiency of your heart, lungs, and blood vessels. The easier it is to pump blood through your body, the less stressful it is on your heart. 

Cardiovascular exercise also aids in maintaining a healthy body composition. Aerobic and anaerobic exercise contributes to a healthy caloric burn. The fat you store on your body is reserved for periods of prolonged or intense activity. Low-intensity, steady-state cardio burns a higher percentage of fat, high intensity exercise results in greater total calories burned, and speeds up the enzymes associated with burning fat.

What Types Cardio Are Best For The Body


Running is one of the most popular forms of cardio exercises. Some people prefer to jog instead of run, but both activities are similar. The main difference between the two is that running is done at a faster rate. People start running for different reasons, including weight loss, fitness maintenance, or just for fun. 


Cycling is a low impact exercise, which makes it ideal for people of all ages.. It’s a great form of exercise that can get your heart pumping and build muscle without putting too much stress on your joints. 

“Cycling is a great low-impact way to get an aerobic workout,” says Alexis Colvin, MD, an Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgeon at Mount Sinai. “Cycling also helps to build leg muscles such as gluteal, hamstring, and calf muscles.” 


Swimming has many health benefits, especially because it works out your whole body. Swimming is another low-impact cardio exercise, which means that you can do it regularly without feeling too much strain. In fact, research shows that people find it easier to exercise for longer in the water than on land, without increased effort. 


Walking is the easiest cardio activity to start and incorporate into your daily life. You can walk to work, your favorite coffee shop, or just around your block during lunchtime instead of sitting at your desk. 

Research has found that walking reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases from occurring by 31% and cuts down the risk of death by 32%. These benefits are equally apparent in both men and women. 

Jumping Rope


Though jumping rope might be a popular kid’s game, it’s also a great exercise option for people who are trying to keep fit, maintain their weight, or lose weight. 

Jumping rope doesn’t require any special skills, and all you need is a jump rope, ample space, and comfortable shoes. If you want to make it a little more challenging you can opt for weighted jump ropes. 


HIIT is an acronym for high-intensity interval training.  HIIT exercises are made up of a series of short or long intense exercises, followed by a low-intensity exercise or rest. 

Some common HIIT exercises you can do include star jumps, squat jumps, reverse crunches, and burpees. The time frame for intense exercises usually ranges from less than 45 seconds to 2 or 4 minutes. 

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