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L-citrulline is an amino acid produced in the liver and intestine. This means that the body can make it on its own. It can also be found in some foods (such as watermelon, squash, pumpkin, and gourds) and supplements. The body converts L-citrulline to L-arginine, another type of amino acid that improves blood flow and is shown to help people with heart disease and clogged arteries.

Here are some benefits of using an L-Citrulline supplement:

1. Increased exercise capacity

Several research studies show that healthy adults who started taking L-citrulline saw an increase in exercise capacity. This is due to being able to utilize oxygen better, which boosts your workout and endurance ability.

2. Increased blood flow

Nitric oxide plays an important role in regulating blood flow and higher levels of L-Citrulline have been shown to increase nitric oxide levels, so there is a positive correlation between L-Citrulline and the increase of blood flow throughout the body.

3. Decreased blood pressure

When we get in states of stress, we breathe shallow, which results in our blood pressure going up and our bodies getting tense. Many studies have shown that L-citrulline helps decrease high blood pressure and increase nitric oxide levels. 

5. Enhanced cognition & brain performance

The most common killer of cells is a lack of oxygen in our bodies. L-Citrulline helps utilize and maximize oxygen and blood flow throughout our bodies. When we utilize more oxygen, our cognitive function goes up and our brains perform at a higher level.

6. Boosted immunity

L-citrulline  has been linked to the ability to fight infection by boosting the immune system.

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